Klikor Welfare Organisation
Registered In England & Wales: 7253104
Registered In Ghana: G25,240
Registered for Gift Aid
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Klikor | An Introduction


Klikor Agbozume is a village in Ghana. It is one of the poorest villages in the world with a very low standard of living where most of the people get sick becasue they don't have the right support to see them through their everyday living.

Klikor has been established to support their daily living requirements and will also enhance projects that will be providing the local people with tools and equipment to help improve their lives. Klikor is a non-profit organisation that is set up for charitable purposes only. Any funds that have been given to support our organisational affairs will be used specifically to help Klikor in Ghana.

We have seen the current conditions of the people in the village and we will work to make sure that we will help these people with the relief and support that will enable them to enjoy the piece of the world they have a right to.

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